Coming Closer

“Coming Closer”


Approximately 36 cm high


Love, ceramic sculpture


Stoneware, ceramic sculpture

by Elisaveta Sivas

Giraffe leopard abstract fantasy

I was delighted to get order for this painting and even more delighted to get this amazing review. Thank you so much, dear Lydia!

“As an enthusiast and collector of Elisaveta’s art, I asked Elisaveta to make me a custom order. This is something we worked on together, sending colours, prints, things I like. I wanted a leopard print inspired painting. Working collaboratively together and feeling very much part of the process, Elisaveta created the leopard giraffe inspiration painting. The finished product was beyond what I imagined and hoped for. I knew what I wanted and Elisaveta made it happen, she brought what I had in my mind to life. I highly recommend Elisaveta and if you want something just for you and your taste/decor you won’t be disappointed. Elisaveta is so talented, easy to work with, a real joy. Thank you Elisaveta, I feel so privileged to own a custom piece.” – Lydia Goodrum, Norwich\UK.

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Minimalist art, feminine art

Minimalist art, feminine art

Original oil on canvas painting WOMAN KNITTING, feminine art, minimalist art, modern artwork by Elisaveta Sivas

SIZE: 31,5′ x 39,4′ (80 x 100 cm)

Feminine art

Feminine art

Wall art, original oil painting, WOMEN IN PINK 1920s style, portrait, feminine art, abstract modern artwork by Elisaveta Sivas, wall art, canvas art, original art

SIZE: 27,6′ x 35,4′ (70 x 90 cm)

Large white horse with bird painting



Horse on canvas, horse art, big original oil painting, modern artwork by Elisaveta Sivas, WHITE HORSE WITH BLUE BIRD

SIZE: 39,4′ x 47,2′ (100 x 120 cm)

Motherhood art

Motherhood art

Original oil painting, motherhood art, pregnancy, mother and baby, oil on canvas, 23,6′ x 35,4′ (60 x 90 cm)

Please find this and more artworks in my shop. I am trying to keep the prices low, as I believe art should be affordable.